Ambassador for Youth, Education, and Work visits Amman

Ambassador Jurriaan Middelhoff visited Amman recently and had a busy schedule that focused on empowering young people. The a visit was aimed at supporting the efforts of Jordanian organizations in promoting the development of young people and their future prospects.

Jurriaan attended a session at a Job Search Club. The Jobs Search Clubs programme is supported by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, through the PROSPECTS partnership.

Through participating in various events, the Ambassador was able to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing young people in Jordan and explore ways in which the embassy can support their efforts. The main purpose of the visit was delivering a key note at the Life Skills Learning event for the Middle East and North Africa, organized by UNICEF. However, the ambassador’s visit included a wide range of other activities.

Jurriaan for instance observed a scouting project that aims to train young scouts, particularly girls and young females, in developing life skills and being more confident. The ambassador also attended an agriculture related training session at Al Balqa Applied University, as part of one of the Nexus Skills-Jobs for Youth projects. He furthermore engaged in extensive discussions with both the Embassy’s Youth Advisory Committee and the Orange Corners’ Advisory Committee of Entrepreneurs.

Finally, the Dutch Ambassador to Jordan organized a work dinner with implementing partners working in the field of education and youth employment, and entrepreneurship. The attendees highlighted the significant gap between the supply and demand of skills in the labour market.

Youth participation in Jordan

The visit to Amman emphasized the significance of youth participation in Jordan. The embassy has established a youth advisory committee that has made significant contributions to the community. Additionally, the successful Dutch start-up program "Orange Corners" will soon be launched in Jordan. For this program, an advisory board of young entrepreneurs has already been formed, and Jurriaan had the opportunity to meet them. They highlighted some of the opportunities and challenges faced by young entrepreneurs in the country.

The initiatives in Jordan will provide young people with the tools and resources they need to start and grow their businesses, which will in turn contribute to the economic development of the country. The launch of Orange Corners and the formation of the advisory board of young entrepreneurs demonstrate the Dutch commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation among young people.

Supporting the refugee population

The ambassador also met with refugees who have been living in Jordan for several years. Dutch programs, like Prospects, an international partnership between IFC, ILO, UNICEF, UNHCR and the World Bank,  focus on improving the position of vulnerable groups such as refugees, women and youth in education in acquiring new skills on the job market. Jurriaan spoke with three young refugees, Omar, Sara and Idel, aged between 21 and 24, about their experiences after participating in this project and starting an internship at the United Nations.

The ambassador's meeting with the refugees highlights the importance of supporting those who have been forced to flee their homes and start a new in a foreign country. The Prospects Partnership is a significant step towards improving the position of refugees in Jordan and providing them with opportunities to develop their skills and contribute to their communities. The discussions illustrated the positive impact that such initiatives can have on the lives of refugees. In addition, the embassy's efforts to support refugees in Jordan demonstrate the Dutch commitment to promoting equality and empowering those in need.