How do you experience the pandemic? Lisa de Pagter

How do young people from different countries cope with the pandemic? How does it affect their education and their work? What about flexibility and creativity and last but not least: what about involvement in policy making?

In a series of 5 short video portraits young people pick up the camera to share their thoughts and experiences.

Lisa de Pagter from Amsterdam in the Netherlands tells us how her life has changed because of COVID-19.

can you

Hi everyone, my name is
Lisa de Pagter, I’m 21.

I live in the Netherlands,
currently I’m in Amsterdam right now.

I live together with
my roommate Hannah.

This summer I graduated
from Leiden University College…

with the major in governance,
economics and development…

and this month I started
as a youth ambassador.

How do you
the pandemic?

For me personally it is
also been a journey to adapt…

into learning how to work from home,
which before I was never able to do.

To not be able to access the office
and work with my new colleagues.

I also had to do my graduation online
and start a new job from behind the screen.

in work and

There’s universal primary and
secundary education in Holland.

But at the same time, because
of the covid pandemic…

the course had had to close
and university had to close…

and I missed my college
graduation because of this.

what about
and creativity?

The covid pandemic has asked a lot
of creativity and flexibility for us.

But especially for young people
that were already in tough situations…

that were already marginalized
it’s becoming extra hard.

And they are being asked to be
extra creative and flexible…

to continue their
daily life as it was.

Something that Dutch young people
have taken up by themselves...  

is to get together, and form a group
that is currently advising the government.  

Forming these types
of coalitions are essential…

for making our voices heard
and putting it out there.

being better
involved in
policy making?

Because of all these challenges
that people are facing right now…

it’s extra important
thar our government…

keep consulting with us,
keep asking us what’s important…

what we want to change,
what we need right now.

For now and for the future.