Esra’a Alsanie: let the whole world hear your echo

Esra’a Alsanie is a passionate young lady who believes that young people can change the world when they get the chance to dream. She founded her own startup: EnvaTechs, and is a Product Manager at, MENA’s number one digital platform. She aims to use technology to achieve goals like environmental knowledge and awareness, social acceptance and behavioral change.

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"Don’t be afraid to dream” is her motto, as she participates in many international entrepreneurship events and competitions in Russia, Sweden, Germany, Dubai, and the USA.

Augmented reality to change the world

Esra’a graduated in 2017 from the University of Jordan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. As a student she was a participant at the MIT Media Lab, where she worked with technologies like augmented reality, architectural robotics and sensor based actuation. During her studies she also founded the American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter at the University of Jordan.

After graduation she realized she wanted to pursue her own dreams, and shifted her career from becoming a civil engineer to being a business owner. The same year she founded EnvaTechs,  tech-environmental startup that aims at revolutionizing the world’s perspective toward the environment.

The company uses technologies such as virtual and augmented reality in influencing the behaviour of youth and corporates toward the environment, by providing simulations of educational materials and engineering projects futuristic scenes.

Esra'a Alsanie - Product Manager at Mawdoo3:
I believe that changing the world can be achieved by helping youth to dream and believe that they can achieve their dreams.

Muziek speelt.
Beeldovergang in vormgeving Youth at Heart.

Esra'a Alsanie - Product Manager at Mawdoo3:
I'm Esra'a Alsanie, a passionate young lady.
I studied civil engineering, and then I shifted my career to be an entrepreneur by founding my own tech company.
I was able to travel the world, share others' experiences, and discover new cultures.

Quote from Esra'a Alsanie at a conference:
We need to be the 'sanad'.
Sanad is an Arabic word meaning 'a safe corner that you can rely on'.

Esra'a Alsanie - Product Manager at Mawdoo3:
Living in the era of Covid-19 is tough, but we need to cope.
And in order to do so, we have to be bold, flexible, and adaptable to changes.
To those who are standing out there, youth, our future change makers, I want you to know that your life has a purpose and a meaning.
You're not here to fill space, or to be a background character in someone else's movie.
You are the hero of your own.
The people you met, and the places you went to will never be the same if you did not exist.
So let the whole world hear your echo.

Muziek speelt.
Beeldmerk Youth at Heart.

Dedicate yourself to your dreams

In 2019, Esra’a was chosen as one of 106 Emerging Women Leaders out of 3,260 applicants and participated in a 5 weeks program in Silicon Valley to exchange knowledge and engage in a mentorship program at Unity Technologies, one of the world’s leading tech companies.

In addition the Sanad project she worked on was chosen as one of the best technological project idea’s of 2019 by Tech Women. Sanad is a mobile App and outreach program, which aims at providing knowledge and awareness and is designed to support youth who suffer from mental health issues in Jordan. The goal of the app is to improve mental health literacy in the Jordanian community and to decrease its associated social stigma. 

Apart from being CEO of her own company she is also a Product Manager at Mawdoo3, leading the Social Content Platform Molhem.

“I believe that persistence, dedication and commitment were the main ingredients of my journey, regardless of the challenges associated with it,”

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