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  1. Youth-led Evaluation Guide

    “Nothing about youth, without youth” is the motto of Oxfam Novib's youth team. They aim to put young people in the center of ...

    News item | 23-12-2020 | 10:00

  2. Spotlight on sexual reproductive health and rights

    James Ocen (22) gives adolescents and young people in Eastern Uganda a much-needed opportunity to discuss and better understand ...

    News item | 22-12-2020 | 12:22

  3. It’s our future: re-imagining education and work in a post pandemic world

    Continuing the dialogue on and with youth after the Youth at Heart virtual forum is key. Dubai Cares has taken over the baton ...

    News item | 17-12-2020 | 11:40

  4. 14 December: UNFPA Supplies Partnership Global Launch

    Join the global launch of the UNFPA Supplies Partnership on 14 December! The virtual event showcases stakeholder voices and the ...

    News item | 10-12-2020 | 17:44

  5. Nigeria: #BeingYounginNaija campaign

    The #BeingYounginNaija campaign recently started and highlights the challenges that young Nigerians are facing from unemployment ...

    News item | 10-12-2020 | 14:08

  6. World Press Freedom Youth Newsroom

    Part of the World Press Freedom Conference 2020 on 9 and 10 December is the Youth Newsroom: 15 young reporters and mediamakers ...

    News item | 08-12-2020 | 17:04

  7. Workshop Youth and Employment in Kenya

    On Friday December 4th, Palladium and the Netherlands Embassy in Kenya jointly organized a workshop on ‘Youth & Employment in ...

    News item | 08-12-2020 | 14:16

  8. Join Future of Work: interactive online workshop

    Are you interested to learn more about the future of work? Do you believe young people can and should take charge in shaping ...

    News item | 08-12-2020 | 11:07

  9. Youth Engagement Plan for climate action

    The Youth Engagement Plan is a plan with practical and inspiring recommendations to promote and increase youth participation ...

    News item | 04-12-2020 | 09:46

  10. Virtual Youth at Heart forum: for youth, by youth

    Over a 1.000 participants from 100+ countries joined the Youth At Heart virtual forum organised by the Ministry of Foreign ...

    News item | 27-11-2020 | 10:00