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  1. Call for youth reporters on climate adaptation

    Inspire others, share your perspective as a youth reporter and embark on this unique opportunity to report on an international ...

    News item | 19-11-2020 | 12:47

  2. 5x How do you experience the pandemic? Aristofanis Kastritseas

    How do young people from different countries cope with the pandemic? How does it affect their education and their work? What ...

    News item | 18-11-2020 | 11:49

  3. Esra’a Alsanie: let the whole world hear your echo

    Esra’a Alsanie is a passionate young lady who believes that young people can change the world when they get the chance to dream. ...

    News item | 05-11-2020 | 17:38

  4. Future of You(th) event: young people and work

    CNV Internationaal organised The Future of You(th) event in October. During 3 days 55 youngsters from Asia, Africa and Latin ...

    News item | 05-11-2020 | 10:23

  5. Entrepreneurship and agro-ecological practices

    Farming with agro-ecological principles means optimizing interaction between plants, animals, humans and the environment. By ...

    News item | 04-11-2020 | 10:00

  6. IT enables anyone to become a global citizen

    Twenty-one year old Betelhem Dessie from Ethiopia wants to help people in her country develop more IT skills – not only for their ...

    News item | 03-11-2020 | 13:41

  7. Impact of COVID-19 on young refugees and forcibly displaced youth in Uganda

    This impressive video highlights the voices of refugee and host community youth in the ILO PROSPECTS partnership target districts ...

    News item | 03-11-2020 | 10:52

  8. The Youth at Heart Principles

    Young people are experts in their own experience. They have the energy, and professionalism to speak for themselves. That’s why ...

    News item | 02-11-2020 | 16:30

  9. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs launches Youth Advisory Committee

    Are the policies and programs of our ministry consistent, transparent, effective and relevant from the perspective of youth? And ...

    News item | 02-11-2020 | 13:00

  10. COVID-19: the resilience of young Lebanese and Syrian refugees

    The short documentary 'The impacts of COVID-19 on young refugees in Lebanon' tells the stories of young refugees as well as that ...

    News item | 01-11-2020 | 11:57