Meaningful Youth Participation Toolkit

The Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP) toolkit is developed by the team for Youth, education and work, to support Ministry and Embassy staff in determining how to best approach MYP in the different contexts. Download MYP toolkit in English (coming soon),   French (coming soon) or in Arabic (coming soon) .


Countries in the Sahel, the Horn of Africa, the Middle East and North Africa have very young populations. Much can be achieved if we gear policies and interventions towards this youthful reality.

For that to happen, the Ministry needs to make sure youth voices are heard and integrated. Young people can tell best what works for them after all. This is why strengthening voices of youth is one of the central ambitions in the Youth at Heart strategy.


Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP) is about ensuring that young people have the opportunity to be involved in processes of decision making on policies, strategies and programmes that affect them.

This implies working with youth as leaders, partners and beneficiaries and listening to what matters most. The Ministry’s aim is to take their views, concerns and suggestions into account in developing or implementing its policies, strategies and programmes for international development cooperation. The Toolkit is one of the instruments that is developed to facilitate and foster this.


There is no blueprint for Meaningful Youth Participation. It can be done in many different ways. The level of engagement can also differ per occasion. The Toolkit stimulates to develop strategies for MYP that fits with the specific context, and to make sure the right enabling environment is created to ensure youth engagement is truly meaningful.

Reader’s Guide

The MYP toolkit was put together with great care by the team for Youth, Education and Work, in collaboration with colleagues & youth. The background information as well as suggestions for tools and methods will guide you in making sure youth voices are heard in relation to matters that are relevant to them. Existing documents and tools from USAID Youth Power, Choice for Youth and Sexuality and many others have served as inspiration to arrive at this toolkit.

Part A serves to develop a basic
understanding of why it is a central
ambition of the ministry, how it
will benefit your work & what MYP is.
Part C serves to provide you with
practical examples, tools, methods
& exercises
to apply meaningful
youth participation in your work.
Part B serves to deepen your
understanding of the Do’s and
Don’ts of organizing, mobilizing
& including youth.
Part D serves to provide you with
practical tools & methods to measure
the outcome and level of youth
participation and to deepen your
understanding of how it benefits all.
Part E provides sources & background information.

The Meaningful Youth Participation Toolkit (English) (coming soon)

The Meaningful Youth Participation Toolkit (French) (coming soon)

The Meaningful Youth Participation Toolkit (Arabic) (coming soon)