Launch of Edukans training: Providing youth with skills to lobby

In collaboration with Ambassador Tijmen Rooseboom the Edukans Life Skills for Lobby training was launched. The training provides knowledge and skills to young people, women, civil society organizations and all other interested groups, on how to become more relevant and effective in lobby. This lobby training strengthens young people to raise their voices and to claim their rights. This programme is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Edukans Lobby Training
Image: ©Edukans

Young people learn to speak up

Youth are entitled to gain the right skills, knowledge and opportunities to build a stable future for themselves, their communities and their countries. In order to support them better, it is important to listen to young people: what do they need for better future prospects? Edukans Life Skills for Lobby Training trains young people to gain knowledge about governmental systems, to come together and raise their voices.

The Edukans training approach

The lobby training builds upon a needs assessment amongst the youth who are being trained. The lobby training itself is highly participatory, employing the use of role play and group discussions and practicing skills in a hands-on way, thereby improving young people’s self-confidence and building on their strengths. The training strengthens young people’s lobby capacities and ability to form groups or platforms.

Lobby with effect

The Edukans lobby training recently finished the pilot stage in several countries in Africa. The results and reflections of trainees reflect that the training contributed to elevated esteem and confidence. It strengthens young people’s ability to start networking and build alliances to work on a unified goal. The training also addresses the specific challenge of sexual harassment in lobbying and advocacy. Feedback from trainees were processed in this latest version of the lobby training and an addition to the training has been made with a lobby skills trivia game. For more information on the Life skills for Lobby training go to Edukans.