Youth at Heart Podcast. Episode 1: Women in politics

How can we promote women’s participation in politics? Listen to the first episode of the Youth at Heart podcast: a conversation between Ibijoke Faborode from Nigeria and Devika Partiman from The Netherlands. Both are striving for equal representation, each in their own way. A conversation about angry women in the media, shocking statistics and a message to girls with political ambitions.

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Women’s equal participation and leadership in political and public life are essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. However, data show that women are underrepresented at all levels of decision-making worldwide, and achieving gender parity in political life is far off. How can we promote women’s participation in politics?

In this new podcast series, two young people, one from the Netherlands and one from a country around the world, share a conversation on a theme they are both passionate about. In the first episode of the Youth at Heart podcast, we will listen to a conversation between two women: Ibijoke Faborode from Nigeria and Devika Partiman from The Netherlands. Be inspired by how these two young women promote women’s participation in politics. What do they see when looking at the current situation in their countries? Is it very different or is it the same everywhere? And what do they think international policy makers should do to create a change?


About Ibijoke Faborode

Co-founder and Executive Director of ElectHER, a non-partisan end-to-end women's political advancement organization bridging inequality gaps in Nigerian politics by addressing the under-representation of Nigerian women in elective office through behavioral change communications, skills development, human capital mobilization and campaign financing. The end-is goal to enable capable women to competitively Decide, Run and Win elections. They are on a mission to support 1000 women to run for office in 2023.


About Devika Partiman

A Dutch social activist and chair of Vote for a Women (Stem op een Vrouw), a foundation she established in 2017. Vote for a Woman dedicates itself to improving women’s political representation and emancipation in The Netherlands. They do this, amongst others, by getting more women elected and politically active. They aim for equal representation in all Dutch political bodies, from municipality councils to the European House of Representatives.


The podcast is moderated by Mert Kumru, UN Youth representative Human Rights and Security.