Kiitos stimulates IT talent from the Middle East and North Africa

In the Middle Eastern countries there are a lot of young IT talents, struggling to find a job. Software company Kiitos creates jobs for these young women and men, by matching them with Dutch companies that are in need of youth with IT skills. The company mainly trains women to become IT workers because Kiitos strives for gender equality.


Software company Kiitos creates jobs for IT talent from the Middle East and North Africa. These young people are put to work on projects for Dutch clients. Kiitos strives for gender equality. That is why it mainly trains women (especially young women) to become IT workers.

“There are far too few software developers in the Netherlands,” co-founder Christian Vezjak explains. “At the same time, young people from the Middle East and North Africa cannot wait to get started.” Kiitos has received a growth subsidy from the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF). This is part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency’s International Financing programme. Thanks to the subsidy, Kiitos is now able to find work for even more young people.

Gender equality

Kiitos was set up in the Palestinian Territories. Its goal is international growth. The company is already active in Jordan and hopes to expand to 3 other countries this year. “Thanks to this subsidy, we have found jobs for 30 people in the past 15 months,” Vezjak says. “We want to create a thousand jobs in the Middle East and North Africa. Gender equality is an important part of our mission. That is why we want to give 500 of these jobs to men and 500 to women.”

To this end, Kiitos is working with local non-governmental organisations. These organisations train young people. One of them is Gaza Sky Geeks in the Palestinian Territories. This way, young people without a diploma have the chance to develop themselves as well. Kiitos offers them a talent programme to prepare for their careers. As part of this programme, Kiitos introduces them to Dutch culture and Dutch partner companies. Vezjak has noticed that Dutch companies do not always want to work with talent from the Middle East and North Africa. Over the past 2 years, Kiitos has changed this mentality.

Kiitos groep

Software presents opportunities

Kiitos gives talented young people from the Middle East and North Africa the chance to develop themselves. This stimulates the IT sector and the local economy in this region. Vezjak: “Software presents many opportunities. You do not need much infrastructure to export it. Kiitos puts young people to work for Dutch clients, which need IT talent urgently. A software community is coming together in the Palestinian Territories as well. This is leading to new initiatives.”

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