Youth Advisory Committee

Are the policies and programs of our ministry consistent, transparent, effective and relevant from the perspective of youth? And how is youth involved in them? The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a Youth Advisory Committee on 2 November 2020.

In many cases, the voice of youth is being heard insufficiently, and they are barely involved in shaping and implementing the policies that affect them.

Youth Advisory Committee

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By involving youth, especially in the countries where these policies are being executed, there is a bigger chance that a project aimed at them will succeed.

Hence Minister Kaag of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, launched a Youth Advisory Committee, with the objective to effectively bring in meaningful youth participation.

This means approaching youth as leaders, partners and as beneficiaries.

Interactive platform between youth and staff

This Youth Advisory Committee advises the Ministry on executing the Youth at Heart strategy and other policies that are relevant to youth. The Committee functions as an interactive platform between youth and staff of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Both youth in the Netherlands as in the focus regions will be part of this advisory committee, with a main focus on youth in North- and West Africa, the Sahel and the MENA region.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Youth Advisory Committee