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  1. Dialogue sessions with youth in the run-up to the EU-AU Summit

    In the run-up to the Summit, the Ambassador-at-Large for Youth, Education and Work, Tijmen Rooseboom, participated in dialogue ...

    News item | 15-02-2022 | 13:37

  2. International Day for Education - Taking a look at transforming education for a better future

    Today is international day for education! The reality of the world we live in today, with global issues such as gaping ...

    News item | 24-01-2022 | 08:39

  3. Beyond photo ops – advancing youth participation in government

    Kevin Eustatia-Palm (20) is one of nine members of the Youth Advisory Committee. As a child growing up in Curaçao he was often ...

    News item | 20-01-2022 | 14:45

  4. Rousing the environmental movement

    Around the world, young activists have invigorated the environmental movement, bringing with them new ideas for more inclusive ...

    News item | 18-01-2022 | 09:48

  5. ‘Oddly enough, the COVID-19 pandemic has created opportunities for young people in Jordan’

    ‘A small gesture can have a big impact,’ says social entrepreneur Sinan Abderrahim Assaid (24) from Jordan, who donates a can of ...

    News item | 17-01-2022 | 13:16

  6. Birth of a youth consciousness

    From the #EndSars protests in Nigeria to the transnational climate movement, young people the world over are rising up to demand ...

    News item | 11-01-2022 | 09:14

  7. Life in a red zone

    Colombia often makes the newspapers, with stories of demonstrators killed on the streets, and the highest number of murdered ...

    News item | 04-01-2022 | 10:35

  8. Ambassador Rooseboom at the ‘RewirED’ education summit

    Ambassador-at-Large for Youth, Education and Work, Tijmen Rooseboom travelled to Dubai to represent the Netherlands. Read how he ...

    News item | 23-12-2021 | 14:36

  9. Just get on with it: the adventure of entrepreneurship

    An office job in the civil service is no longer the only career option for young people in Chad. A rapidly growing group of young ...

    News item | 21-12-2021 | 09:03

  10. Empowering youth through welding training and job placements in Kenya

    To prepare young refugees for the labour market in Kenya, they are trained in industrial welding skills. This training is funded ...

    News item | 20-12-2021 | 10:28