Inspirational video: Lucy Meyer

Lucy Meyer advocates for inclusion of people with disabilities in society: they should be able to get a good education, to develop their skills and find a job just like people without disabilities.

Lucy  has cerebral palsy resulting in both physical and intellectual disability. She is a Special Olympics athlete, a Global Champion for Generation Unlimited and the official spokesperson for the Special Olympics – UNICEF USA Partnership.

Lucy Meyer - Spokesperson for Special Olympics:
We should have a say in our future just like anybody else.
Because we are no different.

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Lucy Meyer - Spokesperson for Special Olympics:
My name is Lucy Meyer, and I'm the spokesperson for the partnership between the Special Olympics and UNICEF USA for kids with disabilities.
I'm also a Champion for Generation Unlimited.
I have cerebral palsy, because I was deprived of oxygen for five minutes at birth.
The doctors told my parents I would never sit up or swallow.
The doctors were wrong.
Young people can become leaders by advocating what they believe in.
People with disabilities should be able to have jobs, because they are smart and intelligent.
Just like everybody else.

Quote from Lucy Meyer at a Chicago school:
There's nothing better than when young people help other young people.

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