Inspirational video: Tey El-Rjula

Tech entrepreneur Tey El-Rjula aimes to positively influence the lives of billions of people. “We can use digital innovations and infrastructures to deliver quality education to everyone, including refugees, including the vulnerable ones.” Being a refugee himself he came up with the idea to use blockchain technology to create digital birth registration systems.

Tey Elrjula - Entrepreneur:
There is no better opportunity to look at digital innovations than the time we're living in now.

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Tey Elrjula - Entrepreneur:
My name is Tey, I'm the author of the book The Invisible Son.
A tech entrepreneur in my day-to-day activities I aspire to be a billionaire in terms of influencing the lives of billions of people positively.

Quote from Tej Elrjula @ TEDx:
Bitcoin helped us break the financial barriers, can it help us break the identity barriers?

Tey Elrjula - Entrepreneur:
COVID for me is an opportunity to solve world-class challenges.
Such as physical money. Money can contract viruses and bacteria.
So being a Bitcoin expert, I'm able to accelerate the adoption of digital currencies.
My message is: Focus on education.
Today we can use digital innovations and digital infrastructures to deliver the same quality and even better education to everyone including refugees, including the vulnerable ones.
The youth is at the heart of any nation.
Join us at the digital conference and use your voice to make a difference.

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